Low Water in the Morning

Even with all the rain, we have low water in the morning. Later in the day, usually around 3:30, Georgia Power opens the dams and the sand bars will disappear so that we can keep the whitewater rafters happy with the class 4 rapids. As part of the project, they now have these really irritating warning signals when the sluice gates are being opened. The horns and the message that goes along with it, warns people without flotation devices, to get out of the way of the rising water and off any rocks that might be surrounded by water. We have always had the warning signal, but it is now more pronounced. Additionally, the city of Columbus has threatened to give a citation to anyone who has to be rescued from the rocks. They will pick you up, take you to the Georgia side of the river, and give you a ticket. How's that for public relations? For hundreds of years, Native Americans and settlers have fished these waters and climbed around on these boulders and it is going to take a while for the culture change.


Randy said…
It looks like out Rio Grande right now. This drought is horrible.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
So this happens every day Barb..is it JUST so the white water rafters can do their thing? Just through summer when its dry?
Lowell said…
So often the powers-that-be figure out a way to makes things less fun and more complicated!

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