Obelisks and Memorials

Some of the obelisks and other memorials in Linwood Cemetery. I am not a fan of obelisks. They make me think of men showing off their penises. They can't put their 'manly' endowments on public display; that could get them arrested, so they show off with granite monoliths, in cemeteries, after they're dead. I wonder if the hardness of the stone is also a factor?!? And what good does it do them then?
Personally, I prefer the more feminine monuments with angels and flowers and soft edges. I love the fancy grill work of the iron fences around the family plots. I love Spanish moss, but interestingly, there is none to be found in Linwood. Linwood Cemetery (aka City Cemetery) was established in 1828 when the son of the surveyor hired to plot out the city of Columbus died. He was buried somewhere near the center of the 4 acre plot of land (his grave is unmarked). The first marked grave was placed in 1829. So why no Spanish moss? I will have to delve into this question further.
Hope you are having a great Saturday!


Lynette said…
Having a very nice Saturday, thank you. And it got even better when I read your post. Love it!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Oh that just made me laugh out loud Barb, I wan't expecting that :)))) I think you're analogy is probably spot on!

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