Pedestrian (14th Street) Bridge

As you can see, they are finally putting the bridge back together. A few months back, they removed the section to  make some additional structural repairs and to add some bathrooms in a tunnel under the bridge. A good thing, but I wonder who will be policing the bathrooms. And what happens when the flooding starts (as is it most certainly will)? I guess we will see. 
The bridge is supposed to be open to pedestrians in October. I hope so. I really miss the walks I used to take 18 months ago when all this mess started. Cross the bridge, walk the PC riverwalk, cross at Dillingham, and then head back to work. A nice circle. I have really missed the loop and look forward to having the bridge open again. 
In the background, you can see the murals near the Chattahoochee Whitewater outfitter that I showed you here. I really have to go back and get some shots of the finished product.  


cieldequimper said…
They've done a really nice job!
Lynette said…
Thanks for showing the progress. Having a loop to walk while at work, an interesting loop, is such a gift.
Lowell said…
I think it's quite beautiful but I'd worry about flooding, too. It would have probably cost too much to build an elevated structure.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
They've really done a wonderful job here Barb, you have a nice walk to look forward to in October ! It's horrible when they start digging things up but in this case it looks tres successful don't you think!
Hilda said…
So welcoming to pedestrians!

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