Stuffed Peppers

TOM made stuffed peppers for lunch today. We grew the peppers and the tomatoes. Wish I could say we grew the beef, but nope, bought that at the store. I must say, they were mighty tasty as the peppers were fresh out of the garden. Still gloomy here and more rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow.
The bottom shot is the mess in the kitchen when TOM was finished. In case your wondering, he cleaned up his mess.


Anonymous said…
Lynette said…
These looks so tasty! Y'all are blessed to have him cook and then clean up after himself.
Patty said…
Looks good. I fixed for supper/dinner tonight something called Beefed Up Noodles. First I have made them for a while. Your lucky your husband likes to fix a meal now and then, mine never did like to cook. Have a great Sunday.
Randy said…
Those look fabulous! Bet they were tasty too.
Anonymous said…
YUM!!!! A very tasty-looking shot!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
That looks like the mess I've just cleaned up after Aimee made dinner Barb, it was mega delicious but oh my!!!!
P.s. 'peeping Grace' ....that made me laugh :))
Birdman said…
He's well-trained!
Lowell said…
Oh yum! How much does he charge for such culinary delights?

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