Where Am I?

Cats sure do get around. Our cats have always been indoor/outdoor cats. They hunt, they get in fights, and they bring us gifts. Sometimes they climb trees or go up on the roof. TOM built some kitty steps a few years ago and the cats definitely use it to make their way to the roof.
Why is it that some cats can climb up a tree, but can't find their way down? My son's cat, Lil Man climbed a tree last October and couldn't get down. He wasn't very high and my son was able to climb the ladder and get him. About a week later the darn cat did it again. This time he was higher and my son had to climb the ladder and then climb the tree. FYI, it is an urban myth that the fire department will rescue your cat from the tree. About half way down, the cat jumped out of my son's arms and hit the ground yowling and running. He came home the next day with a badly broken leg. 500$ later he is good as new...with no surgery.
In case your wondering, Kitty used the steps to get safely back to the ground.


RamblingRound said…
Ouch on that vet bill!
Lowell said…
We just adopted two tortoise shell kittens...well, about two months ago. But they stay inside - when we got them from a vet they had been declawed and spayed and had been given all their shots.

So why does one of them look pregnant already.

But they are into everything. They've walked on Lois' computer during the night and she's awakened to some interesting email! :)

In years past we have tree-climbers, too, and I've had to go get them.

Lots of fun, though.
Hilda said…
I'm glad Kitty used the steps.
VP said…
Dear kitty... in every sense!

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