A Hot Mess

Driving to an appointment, I came upon this mess. I am not sure if the cars involved in the collision hit the utility poles, but the police and the fire department were 'johnnies-on-the-spot'. This is a congested intersection when things are running smoothly, but I guess I am lucky at least one lane was clear. Remember to use your turn signal and look both ways before pulling into traffic. 


PerthDailyPhoto said…
Looks like that might be what happened Barb.. I remember a young lad bumped into the electric pole in our street, the resulting loss of power on a 42C day made him very unpopular :)
VP said…
It looks messy, I hope they solved it quickly!
Lowell said…
I find these accidents unnerving for I know it could be me...and a lot of folks in this area don't remember they're driving a car much less to use their turn signals! :)

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