Another Beautiful Day in the Valley

The cooler temperatures are so refreshing. Some might say 60's to 70's are too cool, but I'm from Minnesota. The Mott House has been occupied with work crews. I look forward to the day when I can go in and take a tour. The work will probably take a year. I am glad that my company is finally going to put it to good use. TGIF everybody. 


cieldequimper said…
Lovely house and it looks like a summer day!
Lowell said…
It is so grand! I remember it from your previous posts. Nice to know it's being renovated (looks good to me the way it is!)...

We've been in the high 40s at night a couple of times already. Crazy, but kinda nice.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
It looks pretty darn good from the outside Barb..I envy you your cooler temps, we're on the way up, we're in the 30C already ;(

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