Kia Hamster

Driving by the local Kia dealership today. We had to stop and catch a couple of shots of the Kia hamster. You may have seen them in TV commercials. This appears to be the more roly-poly version. In 2013 commercials, the three hamsters have slimmed down. 


Patty said…
Hope no one takes a shot at him with a BB gun. Can you imagine how he might fly around? But he is tethered down. Have a great evening and a wonderful Sunday.
Hilda said…
Hee, cute! We've had a Kia dealership in Manila for many years now, but I didn't even know they had a hamster mascot—I don't think they use it here.
Randy said…
I love the Kia Soul and the commercials.
Lowell said…
Anything to get attention, I guess. Actually, I've not seen an ad with the Kia hamster. I did see a Kia Soul the other day and thought they mispelled the word, Seoul. :)
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Goodness me there's pressure everywhere these days to be slim :))

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