Pedestrian Bridge Open to the Public

I have been waiting for 24 months for this bridge to reopen. Before they closed it, I would walk over it and the Chattahoochee River almost every day. It was the beginning of a perfect loop trail to walk during lunch. And now is it open again and better than ever. The grand opening was 9 Oct. I planned to get away from my desk for a bit to view the opening ceremonies, but I forgot! Anyway, the bridge is open and that makes me happy. If you are interested in the bridge before her makeover, you can view these previous posts.
Bridge Facts:
Original Covered Bridge Constructed by Horace King in 1858. The bridge was burned during the        battle of Girard (Phenix City). During the Civil War the bridge was used by Union soldiers to invade Columbus; the last major battle of the Civil war.
In 1868, the bridge was rebuilt as a steel truss bridge. 
Current Bridge Design Constructed in 1921. 
Bridge was closed to automobile traffic in 2000 when the 13th Street Bridge was opened.
Renamed/dedicated to Columbus Mayor Frank Martin (1991-1994) on 9 October 2013.
Renovation: $6.2 million


Randy said…
Nice looking part of town.
Lowell said…
It's been fun watching you watch the reconstruction of this bridge and area. They did a great job and I'm sure you're going to really enjoy it!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I've enjoyed seeing the restoration process of the bridge Barb, and you, like me with my kitchen, must be very happy that it's in working order again :) Enjoy your lunchtime walks.

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