Sunday Morning Bike Ride

We loaded up the bikes and headed to the river walk for a ride this morning. The temperature was just about right, with a slight breeze. Gradual ups and downs helped get the heart rate up. Maybe some day I won't have to stay in first gear to make it to the top! 
When I was a pre-teen, I babysat, delivered news papers...anything to earn money for the things I wanted to buy. I had my eye on a yellow ten-speed at the local Schwinn dealer (they had their own stores back then) that cost me $120. That was a lot of money in the mid 70s. I loved that bike. I rode it all the time. I was actually pretty good with long distances rides. I actually had that bike until the end of the 80s. TOM and I were going thru a bad patch and he was mad at me and he sold it at a yard sale. I never did ask him how much he got for it! Probably a collectors item now. 
When I bought my new bike this year, I bought a Schwinn.  Call it nostalgia, but the price was right. And the color was right. I know it is more about performance than aesthetics, but it does what I need it to do. It has seven speeds, don't need much more than that. The seat is relatively comfortable, but I might up grade at some point in the future; not a priority right now. 
I had never been on this portion of the river walk before. There are some interesting trail markers that might make for an interesting future post. 


RedPat said…
It looks like a perfect day!
RamblingRound said…
What a beautiful morning!
Lowell said…
I had a Schwinn as a kid - with the huge handlebars, shock absorbers, etc. Loved it. Had another Schwinn as an adult - red road bike; very nice.

I'm not sure if the Schwinn company now is the same as it was back then but they still make a good product.

Yours looks very nice. And I'll bet that is a great place to ride!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
The bike is gorgeous Barb, tres joli.. not so sure about that sign it's parked under though :)

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