5th grade students from St. Luke's school crocheted the pieces with the help of teachers and grandmothers in memory of teacher Jeanne Bastone, who recently passed away. A memorial tree will be planted on the school playground as a more permanent memorial to the beloved teacher. 


Lynette said…
What a brilliant way to remember her. I believe this is the best yarnbomb I've ever seen!
Hilda said…
That's a wonderfully bright and colorful memorial. She must have been a cheerful person and a beloved teacher.
cieldequimper said…
What a fantastic and pretty and cheerful way to remember her!
Lowell said…
A very nice tribute. I love yarnbombing and I remember some other pictures you've shown previously. Must be popular in your area; I don't recall seeing it anywhere else.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
What a wonderful tribute Barb, she must have been an excellent teacher.
it's a wonderful subject and capture
Gunn said…
I have seen similar art on trees, but never as much as this.

Thanks for telling the story behind it too.

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