Fall Day

I took this earlier today. The tree is so pretty and the camellias are blooming nicely. I know I posted a version of this yesterday, but it was a new shot today. I will be taking an unscheduled break because I took a tumble while I was out shopping today and sprained my ankle and my knee. I hope to be more mobile by next week and back to posting a daily photo. I plan to check in on you so keep the great shots coming.


William Kendall said…

Get plenty of rest.
RedPat said…
It's nice to hear you still have flowers - it has turned cold here.
Wishing you a quick recovery!
Anonymous said…
The colors are gorgeous.

Wishing you rapid healing--I hope you're back on your photographic expeditions again soon!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
How weird is that Barb, you're going into winter and your camellia bush is flowering and here I'm going into summer and guess what.. my camellia bush is flowering too ??? Goodness me I hope you're not too shaken up, rest that ankle and look after yourself for the next week.

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