New shop in town. If you're into craft beers and wines you can head over to Maltitude on Broadway. The city of Columbus has approved the sale of beer 'growlers' in the Uptown area and Matitude is there to serve you. 
For uninitiated, a growler is a pail or pitcher for carrying beer to take home. You purchase the growler and then you purchase the beer to put in it. You also can purchase your growlers and beer at the Cannon (two doors down). 
If you're worried about finishing 64 ounces of beer before it goes flat, you can create your own six-pack from the bottled beer selection. 
Bottoms up!


William Kendall said…
Looks like quite a shop for those who partake!
Tamera said…
Oh I looooooove microbrews! I'm sure I would have a good time at that place!
Zannnie said…
nice storefront and great stuff they are selling :) Thanks for the information you are sharing about beers and growlers, I learned something, yay! -greetings from Zannnie

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