Cannon Brew Pub

The 'Cannon' was one of the first restaurants in Uptown in the late 90's that wasn't part of a chain. My son's high school shop teacher and a friend had an idea to brew (on the premises) micro beers and expand the beer drinking tastes of the local rednecks. 
The original restaurant/bar was two store fronts. Restaurant on one side ( through the arch on the left) and the bar on the other. Both of my sons worked here at one time or another. My oldest son also helped rehab the building. He actually helped dig out the basement and they found numerous Civil War relics during excavation. 
The Cannon is doing well these days; they have expanded into the space next door. The original owners were bought out years ago. I hope they made a good deal. 


William Kendall said…
It does look quite inviting, even if one isn't drinking...
cieldequimper said…
Looks like a great place! Love all the flags!

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