A Rare Occurrence

A rare occurrence in this part of the country...snow. The second polar vortex in a month is pushing winter into the Deep South this week. In fact, the weather has been all the talk for the last couple of days. 
Sadly, the locals are not very snow-savvy when it comes to driving. I will stay in my warm house until the snow and ice have melted from the streets. If we get enough of the white stuff, I might venture out to throw a few snowballs or build a snowman. 


William Kendall said…
The gnome would like to come in!

Stay inside, drink hot chocolate!
cieldequimper said…
They can't be worse than Parisians in the snow (which includes me)!
OX Jerry said…
je découvre ce blog avec joie ! Une belle réussite !
Lowell said…
Fortunately, we're far enough south that we missed the snow and ice, but it is cold here.

You are very wise to stay inside and off the roads!
RamblingRound said…
Worst one-inch snow/ice event we have ever experienced! Much too cold for me!

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