Seeing Red

Today is the last day of Artbeat. We did not go uptown, because we had other things to do like go the the flea market and our favorite home improvement store. Seems like we always spend more than we plan (even at the flea market). We did buy a new umbrella for the patio has solar lights. I can't wait for it to get dark. I know, kind of dorky, but I'm a dork. I also started on a decorative arts project. That's why we went to the flea market. 
Anyway, back to this installation. It did not have title or attibution, so it is anyone's guess. It was about high noon when I took the shot so we have some sun flare and blown out skies. I do like the Bradley Theater marquis. I wish the would start showing movies there again, but it has been gutted and is used as an event location.
Hope you are having a great weekend. See ya!


William Kendall said…
It's a rather interesting sculpture. And it strikes me how wide that sidewalk is.

Here there's been a practice in recent years, when streets undergo serious reconstruction, for public art to be part of the compensation to the neighbourhood afterwards.
Lowell said…
Now this I like. Not sure why. The colors are attention-getting and it's got a whimsical attitude about it. A little chaotic, but fun!

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