Cat Rescue

My son's cat stuck in the tree. Raining and cold, he was up the tree all night. He was about 40 feet up and about 5 feet out. No way we could just scoop him up and bring him down. We had to go and rent a ladder from a local rental service, because we didn't have one tall enough. 
To get him to move closer to TOM or maybe into the bucket, we put some tuna fish in to entice him. It certainly got has attention. There was a branch that was in his way and he would not walk around it so TOM began sawing at the branch. That got Little Man brave enough to move close enough to make the grab. 

A woman driving by looking for yard sales stopped to provide ladder support and throw up a few prayers for good measure. Judy, thank you for your help. 


William Kendall said…
Poor cat... I'm sure that kitty had a long sleep after that.
Lowell said…
Tom is very brave. That kind of thing is rather dangerous. And one never knows that the cat will do if spooked.

Glad everything came down OK! :)
cieldequimper said…
Good grief. You live a dangerous life...
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Cats are usually good in trees aren't they Barb, I think if they go just that little bit too high they kind of freak out don't they. Quite an adventure.

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