Guard Dog

  "I've got your back". While his master contemplates the rushing waters of the Chattahoochee. He really was so cute, just sitting there at attention like that. The river really is the place to be these days. I kind of miss the good ole days with the drunks and the homeless people. Now all the yuppies, and gen x'ers, and millennials think they 'discovered' this place. If they only knew.


Lowell said…
This is very special. Great picture of the dog and the girl. The colors are absolutely outstanding, too.

Your comments remind me that sometimes change leaves something to be desired.
William Kendall said…
What a cute dog, and a terrific shot!

He reminds me of a pair of dogs from a blogger I follow.
VP said…
An amazing picture and a very attentive guard dog.
Patty said…
He's got her back covered. Hope no one has played any April Fools Jokes on you today. So far not me, but the day isn't over yet. LOL

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