On the River Today

On the river today. The group just got back in the rafts after having their instruction on how to ride the rapids. As you can see, none in this group had insulated gear on except for the guide. Would that be a clue to you that the water might still be cold??? Anyway, when they hit Pemberton Falls the young girl in the middle row, right, went over the side. She was in the water but a few brief seconds, before our guitar hero grabbed her vest and pulled her back into the raft. FYI, it was a good day to be on the river. The sky was clear and the weather was a comfortable 62 degrees. Hope you are all enjoying this last Sunday in March.
Want to ride the rapids, head over to Whitewater Express with two locations to get you wet in Phenix City and Columbus.


Lowell said…
I know these rides can be fun and in my younger years I would doubtless have participated in such a thing, but at my advanced age, I find it best to sit on shore and take photos!

Great shot of the would-be guitarist!
William Kendall said…
I see the guide's taking the job seriously!

Good shot!

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