No Open Carry Firearms

At the local flea market. Does this mean that it's ok to carry a concealed firearm?
Now, I live in Alabama, but this week in Georgia, Govenor Deal made it legal for citizens with a permit to carry, to bring weapons into most schools, churches, and bars. In some cases these weapons can be concealed. Is this guy on drugs? I guess the gun lobby knows where they stand in the state of Georgia.
Now, I believe that we have the right own weapons to protect land and liberty, but to carry a concealed weapon into a bar is just asking for trouble. We will just have to wait and see how long before we have our own version of the Trayvon Martin shooting. 


William Kendall said…
From outside the country, American gun laws- or the lack thereof in some states- seem insane.

RedPat said…
Scary stuf!! I don't even know anyone who owns a gun. Makes me want to stay north of the border that's for sure.
linda said…
I believe it should be legal to have a gun, carry a permit, but, do we have to have it with us 24-7? Our nation is going down the tubes already and gunfire is happening everywhere - every day. SAD.
Lois said…
I don't understand this obsession with guns and totally agree with you. Georgia is a much less appealing place to me now.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Absolutely terrifying Barb, it's like a disaster waiting to happen oui.

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