Prom Night 1976 - TBT

Because we are in prom season, I share with you a photo from my junior/senior prom in 1976.
We are still together today; 38 years later. A year later, my MIL was wearing my prom dress to her other son's wedding because the dress she purchased was damaged and she did not have enough time to fix it.


William Kendall said…
Congratulations on going the distance!
RamblingRound said…
I remember those styles! Looks like a Gunne Sax dress. BTW, y'all are cuties!
cieldequimper said…

Groan, sorry, I hated being dressed like that. I firmly believe I belong to the worst dressed generation of all time!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Gosh you don't look much different barb, a bit blonder maybe :) I do like a dress that keeps on giving!

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