Singing and Playing Guitar

We took a run over to the flea market today. We got there early; before it got too hot. It was still crowded as all get out. I guess everyone else had the same idea. 
Along the back row, this young lady was strumming her guitar and singing sweetly. It made me think of the music department stores play to get you to slow down and enjoy your shopping experience. She was more entertaining and the music was better, but you get the idea. I would want to be a vendor on either side of her to get the slow down traffic. I left her a tip too! Like I told TOM, if you take a shot of a performer, you should leave a tip. I guess he didn't know that. Go figure.


William Kendall said…
Good shot!

It's just good manners to leave the tip, of course.
cieldequimper said…
Now of course we didn't have any music at our flea market...

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