The Cuckoo's Nest

It's been a bit of a cuckoo's nest for me this week at work. I have been busier than a one-legged man in a kicking contest. Being exhausted when I get home, I really don't feel like taking (or searching through archives) to find a photo to post. CVD is seriously neglected this year. I don't imagine it is going to get better anytime soon.
Speaking of kicking, my neighbor and his daughter-in-law had a throw down and he (my neighbor) did a bit of kicking himself. He stormed over to that shed door and kicked that baby closed. The PVC pipe that he was using to prop the door open ended up in my backyard. We worry because we are on a steep hill and he is no spring chicken and he tramps down that hill regularly (to cut the grass, and as of today, retrieve things). We kept an eye on him today as he came to retrieve his 'stick'. We didn't want him to fall and get hurt in his anger.
Families!?! I guess we shouldn't be spying, but sometimes you just can't help it. And it's nice to know that we are not alone in the familial cuckoo's nest.
Well, I guess I am finished with my spewing. Have a safe weekend!


William Kendall said…
Sounds like the neighbour has anger issues....

That's a terrific name for a shop.
cieldequimper said…
Cool. Not that I skate...
Lowell said…
That's a funny name for a skate shop...must mean something to someone. It's not owned by your angry neighbor, is it?

Some nice reflections there, though.
William Kendall said…
In regards to your question at my blog, I don't know, but I've made inquiries about it. I'll post an answer in a blog down the line when I get the answer.

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