The Mill - Framed and Reflected

Eagle and Phenix Mill building No 2. I believe they have started to rent the apartments in this building now. There are not any 'for purchase' units in this building from what I understand. Even so, I have heard the rents are in the $2000 range. Seriously, but I guess you are paying for location, location, location. River views and access to the restaurants, galleries, and theatre in Uptown.
The only view I will have of these apartments, is the exterior.


linda said…
It seems to be the thing to do, to refurbish old buildings and make apts. or condos out of them, and charge an 'arm and a leg'!
Lois said…
Beautiful picture. They must really be nice inside too to charge that much for rent!
RedPat said…
Looks like a great place!
Patty said…
I think that's a little high for rent, but then it's been years since we had to rent a place. And back in the 50's things were a lot cheaper.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Excellent 'expensive' reflection Barb!

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