Toy table at the flea market. I see quite a few collectibles on the table: Ronald McDonald, Snoopy, R2D2, and what looks like one of the Chipmunks. I actually took this when we went a couple of weeks ago. I had other things to do today, so no camera!


cieldequimper said…
Oh boy! 2 x Snoopy!
Lowell said…
When I was a kid, a flea market meant people brought their old stuff or unwanted items and set up tables to sell them. You didn't have all the brand-new made-in-China crap that constitutes so much of modern flea markets.

I'd be very careful before purchasing any "collectibles," etc. at a flea market.

But I still enjoy wandering around these places to see what I can find.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
You just never know what you might find at a flea market Barb, you hear about people spotting something for a few dollars and it turns out to be worth a fortune, unfortunately that's never happened to moi.. ah well maybe next time :)

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