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My Husband After a Day of Driving

***** No words are necessary. This chainsaw carving about says it all. He is in Wisconsin along Hwy 94 West in case you want to look him up. Sorry, I don't remember the exit.  *****

America's Heartland

***** Farmland in Mattoon, Il. This is where we ended up after about 10 hours of driving. We still have about 8 to go. After we checked I to the hotel, we went for a walk to stretch our legs. I think I will sleep good here.  *****

Happy Mother's Day - My Boys - #TBT

***** In honor of Mother's Day in just a few days, this #TBT shot is of my sons; Sean and Jeremy. They are not little boys anymore, far from it, but they were the cutest little guys ever. Sean is about 4 (he was and still is, the best big brother ever) and Jeremy is 1. We were living in Ilsfeld, Germany at the time so the holidays were made up of close friends, long distance phone calls, and boxes wrapped in brown paper bags. We watched VCR movies for 3.5 years because our TV didn't support the frequencies in Europe. Boy am I glad we didn't buy the Betamax!!! ***** We will be hitting the road for a couple of weeks. I may post intermittently. I will definitely be posting on Instagram, twitter, and FB, so you can find me there. *****

The Mott House - Under Construction

***** I have posted shots of the front of the Mott House before, but I am pretty sure this is the first time I shot the back of the house. This portion of new construction is a stairwell. I assume the third floor is where the new boardroom will be. They are matching up the roof line which makes happy. I hope they do that on the elevator shaft on the left side of building which will be seen from the river walk. Right now that part of the new construction is cinder block from bottom to top and pretty ugly.  *****

Selfie Circa 1977 - #TBT

**** When we were young and beautiful. This was taken before we bought our first SLR camera, so this had to have been taken with my trusty Kodak Pocket Instamatic camera that I got for Christmas one year. The pocket instamatic made its debut in 1972 and used a 110 film cartridge for easy loading. It came with an extender, for that 'off camera' flash (LOL!) too! ***** *****