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New Construction in Phenix City

Across the river in Phenix City, you can see the new Marriott Courtyard hotel (the multi-colored building). They plan to open their doors in August, just in time for the end of the rafting season.
The building near the center of the frame is the new campus for Troy State University. I am not sure when they plan to open their doors, but I will have to go check it out when they do.

Dillingham Street Bridge

We went geo caching today down by the river. We searched for three caches, but only found two. At least we had some nice scenery to look at.

Sea Glass and Bamboo Sun Catcher

In my continuing efforts to create, reuse, and clean out, I created this sun catcher. The only Item I purchased for this project was the wire for wrapping the beads. I originally purchased a 26 gauge wire,  but it was too delicate, so back to the craft store for a heavier gauge. I ended up using 2 different sizes: 16 and 20. 
For the support, I used bamboo. I thought that it needed more 'heft', so I cut 3 12-inch lengths and hot-glued them together. I wrapped the bamboo with 16-gauge wire to make the hangers for the glass strands and to hang the piece when finished. 
The 16-gauge wire was pretty hard to work with so I pulled out my jewelry making tools: needle-nose pliers, flat pliers, and a wire cutter. My fingers, especially my thumb, was sore after the wire work. 
I wrapped all the glass pieces with 20-gauge wire, creating a bale at the top for stringing. I also added a large jump ring at the top of each strand to attach to my bamboo support. 
Now I just have to decide which wi…

Wind Chime Project

When my son got married three years ago at the beach TOM picked buckets full of shells. In an effort to get rid of some of the junk around the house I decided to make a wind chime with some of them. I started by selecting a specific color of shells and lay them out from smallest to largest.  I worked on a large board because they were covered in beach sand. For the base support, I glued two CDs together with gorilla glue. (I am trying to use up a supply of CDs.) Now that the glue is curing, it takes about two hours, I can begin drilling holes in the shells that don't have one. I use the Dremel with a glass bit. 
Slow going, so TOM brings in the mini drill press. This is a recent acquisition from my Dad's shop and it sure sped up the process. Just the right size for crafting with variable speeds. Thanks, Dad.  After the drilling, I start tying the shells using fishing line (14 lb test, I think). The individual strands are secured to the CDs. To add a bit of color, I add some colore…


We spent some time decorating the yard this weekend. The 'gazing ball' is actually my dad's bowling ball. This was TOMs project. I think he did a good job.