Sea Glass and Bamboo Sun Catcher

In my continuing efforts to create, reuse, and clean out, I created this sun catcher. The only Item I purchased for this project was the wire for wrapping the beads. I originally purchased a 26 gauge wire,  but it was too delicate, so back to the craft store for a heavier gauge. I ended up using 2 different sizes: 16 and 20. 

For the support, I used bamboo. I thought that it needed more 'heft', so I cut 3 12-inch lengths and hot-glued them together. I wrapped the bamboo with 16-gauge wire to make the hangers for the glass strands and to hang the piece when finished. 

The 16-gauge wire was pretty hard to work with so I pulled out my jewelry making tools: needle-nose pliers, flat pliers, and a wire cutter. My fingers, especially my thumb, was sore after the wire work. 

I wrapped all the glass pieces with 20-gauge wire, creating a bale at the top for stringing. I also added a large jump ring at the top of each strand to attach to my bamboo support. 

Now I just have to decide which window to hang it in. 


William Kendall said…
A beautiful suncatcher. I have seen them before, but not like this!

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