Wind Chime Project

When my son got married three years ago at the beach TOM picked buckets full of shells. In an effort to get rid of some of the junk around the house I decided to make a wind chime with some of them. I started by selecting a specific color of shells and lay them out from smallest to largest. 
I worked on a large board because they were covered in beach sand. For the base support, I glued two CDs together with gorilla glue. (I am trying to use up a supply of CDs.)
Now that the glue is curing, it takes about two hours, I can begin drilling holes in the shells that don't have one. I use the Dremel with a glass bit. 

Slow going, so TOM brings in the mini drill press. This is a recent acquisition from my Dad's shop and it sure sped up the process. Just the right size for crafting with variable speeds. Thanks, Dad. 
After the drilling, I start tying the shells using fishing line (14 lb test, I think). The individual strands are secured to the CDs. To add a bit of color, I add some colored beads and a small cork above the CD. I use a key ring as the hanger and the wind chime is complete. To secure the knots, I added a blob of hot glue. 
I plan to give this to my son and his wife. They can hang it outside or in! Next up a sun catcher with wire and beach glass. 


Kate said…
Aren't you clever!! It wouldn't occur to me to design and execute this; I am impressed!!
William Kendall said…
I don't think I'd have the skill to carry this off. Very well done!

I like the patterns in those shells.
Lowell said…
So creative and what a useful product. That's what I call recycling!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Oh wow Barb.. your daughter will be well chuffed, you did a fab job here.. gosh you have so much patience, I can't imagine using a drill like that it would be a disaster :)
Hilda said…
What a wonderful project, Barb! I still can't get myself to use any kind of power tool. I will one of these days.

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