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A Curtain of Spanish Moss

... Hanging over the trail on the way to the geocache. Some people love it, some people hate it, mainly because they think it damages the tree. Now, I am not a tree specialist, but I have never seen evidence of damage to a tree because of the moss. And it's great to use in in your potted plants to keep them moist. One thing we all agree on though, is that bugs like it. 

The Little Grand Canyon

We drove out to Providence Canyon State Park today to do a bit of geocaching. The canyon walls conist of three geological formations. The top formation, the Clayton formation, is red because of the iron in the soil. The second formation is the Providence Sands, which contains pink, purple, lavender, and the white kaolin. The floor of the canyon is an ancient seabed and is called the Ripley Formation..
Kaolin is used in medicine. If you ever see white dirt in a back roads country store I. The Deep South, it is kaolin. We did hike down to the canyon floor, but we didn't explore any of the 16 canyons. We will save that for a cooler day when we are better supplied. This photo was taken from the rim trail.

Waiting for the Fireworks to Start

Sitting outside the amphitheater waiting for the fireworks. Kids are playing in the water and you can see the new put-in for small watercraft...kayaks and the like. The following shot is inside the amphitheater. We had some great performers on the stage...a gospel group, some interpretive dancers, and a lukewarm comedian. Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July. 

On the Riverwalk Today

It was a nice morning with low humidity and a breeze so we went out for a little geocaching. Of the five caches I had pegged for discovery, one was inactive because of maintenance, we found two (this shot is the view from one of them), and the other two were left undiscovered. We are relatively new to this geocaching stuff, so we don't always know what to look for. Some things we know now: wear light weight long pants, wear gloves, carry a big stick to chase away critters (like the snake we saw today), and bring bug spray. Hope you are enjoying the start of your holiday weekend.