The Little Grand Canyon

We drove out to Providence Canyon State Park today to do a bit of geocaching. The canyon walls conist of three geological formations. The top formation, the Clayton formation, is red because of the iron in the soil. The second formation is the Providence Sands, which contains pink, purple, lavender, and the white kaolin. The floor of the canyon is an ancient seabed and is called the Ripley Formation..

Kaolin is used in medicine. If you ever see white dirt in a back roads country store I. The Deep South, it is kaolin. We did hike down to the canyon floor, but we didn't explore any of the 16 canyons. We will save that for a cooler day when we are better supplied. This photo was taken from the rim trail. 


William Kendall said…
A place I have not heard of. It's beautiful, Barbara!

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