Theme Day -Landmarks

It just so happened that I had a photo that I could use for theme day. I spent time at the Springer Opera House for a ghost tour yesterday. We learned about the history of the opera house as well as about some of the benevolent spirits who reside there. The Springer opened in 1871. The three-level building was home to an open air market on the first level. The opera house located on the second floor and a hotel on the third floor (now offices).  

We are in the Grand Salon. I wanted to show you the hand-painted wallpapers; all of them in the building.

To see more theme day photos, click here.


William Kendall said…
Barbara, it is beautiful inside! What an ideal choice.
Birdman said…
Ha. Good combo Halloweeny and a landmark.
cieldequimper said…
This is incredible. Love the stars!
Linda said…
So warm and cozy. :)

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