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Theme Day - Tired

Rosco - the end of day one on his first road trip.

dogwood52 week 5 - Wild Card; Photographer's Choice

A Lesson in Patience It was a beautiful sunrise, but I was driving. I arrived at the parking garage, but my view was obstructed by trees.  I came around the corner of the building and was surprised by this. The glory of that sunrise in a wall of windows. 

dogwood52 week 4 - Creative, Quiet Moment

50mm prime lens with the soft filter tube ISO 400 f5.6 1/2,500

Make a soft focus tube for 50mm prime lens

For the dogwood52, week 4 challenge, I decided to use a soft focus technique. I don't own a soft-focus lens, so I did a little research to determine if I had things around the house that I could use. Suggestions included vaseline, old nylons, and tulle netting.

Vaseline might be a good option, but I don't own a clear filter to protect my lens, so this was a NoGo.Nylons. I recently threw them all out.Tulle netting. My 40-year old bridal vale. I tried to sell it at a yard sale last year and no one wanted it. It is now part of my soft-focus filter. Other supplies you will need are cardboard, scissors, ruler, and duct tape.
I used cardboard from a Jimmy Dean sausage box. It needs to be flexible. 

To create the tube Measure the height of the lens from the base while it is attached to the camera. My 50mm lens height is 1.75" so I cut my cardboard to 2" wide. Measure the diameter of your lens. My lens diameter is 8" so I cut the cardboard to 8.5". Wrap the cardboar…

Vintage Amber Glass with Pinecone

#dogwood52 #week3 - Technical; Full Manual; f2.5; shutter 1/100

f2.5, shutter 1/100
I was not sure which version I preferred until I got them both on the page. I think my submission for the week will be the portrait layout with more focus on the bottles.

dogwood52 Week 2 - Composition; Color Harmony

I drove past this painted wall on my way home from work one afternoon. I liked the bold colors. 

I shot from several different angles and decided that I liked the 'sheen' from the sun on the bricks and the shadow on the left of the frame. 

This also meets my personal goal of creating more abstract art.

Dogwood52 Photo Challenge-Week 1-Vision

For these weekly challenges I plan to use a 50mm 1.8 (nifty fifty) prime lens on full manual mode. I hope to get more comfortable with street photography or more abstract work. I typically shoot landscapes and macro images. And I use my phone a lot so I imagine that some of the challenges will be completed with my phone. 

I am not overly introspective when it comes to my art, it just is. However, I was able to make it to the path of totality for the Great American Eclipse on 21 August 2017 and that seems to have sparked a turning point in my creativity that I hope to carry forward into 2018.
I guess spending 12 hours in a car for 2.5 minutes (approximately) of eclipse will do that to you.