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dogwood52 week 9 - Creative; Forsaken

This challenge was particularly hard for some reason. I knew that I wanted to use my old teddy bear, but it didn't feel right to toss him in a corner or drop him on the playground. It just seemed disrespectful. So I decided to glorify him with a photo shoot instead. 

He's not much to look at, but he is about 55 years old. The only way I could get him to sit up was to put a paint stir stick up his back and tape it to the chair. I think he looks pretty good.  

dogwood52 week 8 - Technical; Zoom Burst

I had fun with this weeks challenge. It took a few tries, but I finally got a result that I liked. 

Mandala - Closing Ceremony

We went to the RiverCenter to participate in the closing ceremony. More people than I have seen all week in attendance. Of course they had the requisite speeches before the ceremony started. About 20 minutes in, the monks came out with drum, horns, and bells to begin the ceremony. 

The chanting went on for about 25 minutes. About 1/2 way thru I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I mentally searched my body for tense muscles and let the tension go. I did this for about 10 minutes. It was quite an experience. 

A single monk came forward to begin the dismantling portion of the ceremony. He walked around the table a few times, picked up a yellow flower from the dish on the table and placed it in the center of the mandala. He then 'cut' the mandala into eight sections with his knuckle. 

The most senior of the monks (I say senior because he was there each day working on the mandala and he was the chant leader during the ceremony) then came forward with a soft four-inch bru…

Mandala Sand Painting - Support the Mission

The Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery are in residence at the River Center this week. They are creating their mandala in the lobby and you can check out the progress until 6 pm. They finish the mandala tomorrow. The mandala will be deconstructed and taken to the Chattahoochee River on Saturday. 

The monks are so precise and methodical when placing the sand. I have noticed that the same 6 monks are working each day. 

To support their mission they sell trinkets, incense, books, medallions and other items. If I am going to take their pictures each day, the purchase of a few items is the least I can do. If your interested, you can also make a contribution to the monastery that supports younger monks and those nearing retirement. 

Today's progress

Mandala Sand Painting - Tools of the Trade

Today's progress. 

Millions of grains of brightly-colored sand is used to create the mandala. The sand is applied to the painting using traditional metal funnels called chak-pur.

The sand is laid out on a table in metal bowls. The color is scooped out of my he bowl with large end of the chak-pur. 


Mandala Sand Painting for Non-violence

A group of monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery are in Columbus this week creating a mandala with colorful sand. The tradition of mandalas reaches back approximately 2500 years. The first shot is a screen capture from a live feed from day one. 

These monks get very up close and personal with their work. The mandalas are made with colored sand that is laid is place using the long narrow tools-chak-purs-that you see here. 

Each mandala is created for a specific reason. This one represents healing and in general they represent a guiding principal for wholeness and are believed to affect purification and healing. 


dogwood52 - week 7; fill the frame - Bottle Caps

Bottle caps, not just for wind chimes anymore. I just dumped these on the table and started shooting. 

Zoom Burst Practice

With bottle caps, led flashlight, and an 18-135 kit lens.  ISO 100; f/22; 3.0 I tried a 4 second shutter and it was a bit too long. I also tried other focal lengths, but this was the best try today. 

dogwood52 Week 6 - Vision; Alternating Rhythm

Rhythm activates space and creates mood. 
I wish there had been something interesting at the top of the stairs, like feet or a dog.