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dogwood52 week 18 - Wildcard; photographer's choice

Chemical State Park, Auburn, Alabama

dogwood52 week 17 - Creative; humor (irony)

We went camping for a week at an area state park. On the second day we witnessed the demise of a couple of [apparently] healthy at the had of park employees.  "Take paradise and put up a parking lot..."

War Eagle!

dogwood52 week 16 - Technical; portrait lighting

I typically hate photos of myself, but I actually kind of like this one. It’s all about the sunglasses, right? The challenge this week involved the use of portrait lighting: split, loop, butterfly, or rembrandt.  Because I do not typically do portraiture, I don't have any fancy light setups but I did do some research. I guess this qualifies as 'Rembrandt' lighting.

dogwood52 week 15 - Composition; Rule of space

I was procrastinating on this challenge photo, but I think I like my staged version better than a stereotypical man/child/woman walking/running/riding a bike in front of a blank wall. This is my staged depiction of The Great America Eclipse (TGAE). We were in the line of totality in Dillard, GA on 21 August 2017. The eclipse in the photo is a painting I did of the eclipse. ***

dogwood52 Week 14 - Vision; Diptych or Triptych

I am late in posting my week 14 photo because I have been trying to figure out week 15. This is pretty generic, but I do like the bokeh in the photo on the right. 

April CDP Theme Day - One Color - Green

I originally took this photo for my dogwood challenge, but I decided to go in another direction for that submission. Having said that, this photo perfectly fits the 'one color' theme.