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dogwood52 week 22 - Creative; Door

Chemical State Park, Auburn, Alabama

dogwood52 week 20 - Composition; From Below

I really like the old mill water towers around town. This one sits next to the Eagle & Phenix Mill complex on the river. This is actually a shot that I have taken many times, but I liked the crop on this one and the color tones. I am not sure when the tower was built, but the adjacent mill complex was built in the 1850's and the milled cotton was used to make uniforms for confederate soldiers.  ***

dogwood52 week 19 - vision; edge cut sun

Create a starburst. I procrastinated on this one and had to use a shot from earlier this year. 

May CDP Theme Day - Laugh

My husband is always up for a photo. We were having a good laugh on the patio and I was just snapping away. He has kept me laughing for 40+ years. Laugh on!!!