05.25.12 - We had to delay or travel plans until October. I purchased our airline tickets today and we fly on the 10th. We are planning to spend four days in Venice, five days in Florence and surrounding area, and four days in Rome. Inter-city travel will be accomplished with public transportation (read trains). I was hoping air fares would drop some, but I decided it was best to get the tics now because you never know what the airlines will do.
11.2.11 - We ate Chinese the other day and my fortune read: You will be soon crossing great waters on a fun vacation. Who said your fortunes don't come true?


We are planning a trip to Italy sometime next year. If you have been, please leave your comments and suggestions for things we need to include on the list. We will begin our journey in Venice and travel to Rome. We are not sure if we will rent a car or use public transportation [trains]. Suggestions about transportation are welcomed as well.

Wikitravel - Italy


Lowell said…
I'm sorry I can't give you any help. I was in Rome when in the Navy in 1957 but those memories have faded away pretty much.

By the way, tell Tom I'm jealous of his woodworking skills! That is a very cool bench!
Barb - As someone who has both lived in Italy and traveled it extensively, I would be the first to say, that is the most difficult of questions. I suggest you pick up the DK Eyewitness Travel Guides for Venice, Rome and the overall Italian one. Then sit down in the evening and plot. As far as transportation, the trains are some of the best, and you won't have any trouble maneuvering, and making connections, it just depends on if you are the type that like to take the road less traveled. In that case, a car often works better. A word about Venice, never pass a church without going in, the worlds finest art is in those institutions, if you imbibe, be sure to drink Proseco in Venice. If you really want more input - shoot me an email - Buon Viaggio

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